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I understand that homes are lifetime investments ranking as one of the most important financial investments you will make. Moreover, homes often evoke personal memories of cherished family experiences and the impending sale of a home can become an especially strenuous endeavor for you. It is because of this that I approach my tasks as a Real Estate Agent with special sensitivity, concern, care and professional competence. I will deliver what you expect, demand, and need through the best real estate experience you’ll ever have. Realtor

My personal goal as your Real Estate Agent is to create success based on experience in the market, excellent customer service, and a high level of attention to details.  Realtor

This process is about making the most out of the one chance you have to sell your home, the home that you have invested in over the years emotionally, financially, and physically; I want to make this process easy and beneficial for you. I am here to let you know that I want to be your guide and I will be with you through every step of this process. Buying your first house takes a lot of patience, there are a lot of factors that play into the purchase of your property. You should resist the urge to buy a car before buying a home! Car dealerships will allow you to drive off the lot and don’t care about your next purchase they just want a sale. Its is very wise to hang on! Hold off! And wait until you buy a home first then go grab your Mercedes Benz! No one ever told me this before I was a Realtor. But with knowledge and years of experience I can tell you. Make smart financial decisions, after all you do want somewhere beautiful to live right? We have a great team of lenders and title companies who just enjoy working with us and take the best care of our clients! My team I full of salaried employees that will take care of your home needs whether you are buying a million dollar home or a small investment home. Its is important to realize the purchases you make and how they can affect your credit! Check out my blog pages on what to do for first time home buyers.

 You might as well hold off on converting your savings into stocks for the latest plant-based start-up your cousin jimmy just cant wait to sell you on. There is a lot of temptation out there with investments and sweet cars and rentals that may seem cheap, or inexpensive. But is it really worth giving up the chance to buy a home?

The answer is NO. the benefit to home ownership outweighs the cost of that sweet vacation, 7 days and 6 nights all inclusive to Mexico? Sounds great to me really.. but when you are out five thousand after that week’s time is up and you look at your bank account and say “oh snap” I am a cotton headed ninny muggings!! Now I have to work harder at work to get my money back. Time passes, weeks, days, months maybe even years! Meanwhile the house on the market that you saw and really liked has about 10 offers over ask and next thing you know its gone! Really? Yup! Gone with the wind! Back to the hunt right? After continuing to put your home search off because of all of the things I listed above, you will become frustrated! And if you are frustrated that is no fun. I love being the best Real Estate Agent in Baltimore Maryland simply because I LOVE HAVING FUN with my clients! As wild of a ime as you want it to be, we can make it that way! Especially at your home settlement. I wake the dry energy in the room up so you nor the title and escrow agents cant fall asleep!

House hunting can be fun, it can be great, it can be an experience you should never forget and here with me IT WILL BE.


Buying a house ties you not only with the house, but with a community. You will choose the neighborhood you want to live in. and you will choose it because of where you want to be! It sounds weird saying it like that but it is the truth. You will be a part of that community. You will know the neighbors, the local bar, you’ll know the people who mow the lawn on a Saturday morning at 7am. (yeah I know I know). But listen, you will establish relationships with everyone, as you should! Being a part of something is a great thing. People need people and a community of people who work hard and make their homes the best investments that they have will ultimately pay everyone off in the community. Keeping up with your home is important for this reason. It ultimately means more money in your pocket.  Realtor Michael Zorbach